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Students in grade 9 Torskolan in Torsås Sweden discuss:

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1) The first thing that springs to mind when you hear the word school?
- I start to think about all the homework I have to do every day after school. Sometimes I´m really tired of school. I´m tired of all the hard work, all requirements and the press from both teachers and myself.
- When I hear the word school the first thing that springs to mind is: Why can’t I just sleep today? I´m often tired in the mornings and have to stand up very early.
- School is sometimes boring, but something that I have to do.

2) What is your first memory from school?
- I don’t remember that day when I started school, but I remember my first teacher whose name was Anita. I also remember that we worked in small sweet books.
- My first memory when I started school is that I didn’t like my teacher. We had a really strict teacher. And I remember that we were not aloud to go anywhere outside school.
- I remember that I went to Söderåkra school and we weren’t aloud to go anywhere. My best friend was Simone and she’s still my best friend since kindergarten.

3) Were you happy with your school?
- Yes, in first and second grade I liked school, but after that I didn’t like it so much.
- No, I wasn’t happy with my school because I didn’t like the teachers.
- Yes, I was happy with my school.

4) Why do you think it is that many children don’t like school?
- I think that everyone sometimes is tired of school. That’s life. Sometimes it´s good and sometimes bad.
- The teachers are very strict and they give us many assignments, difficult tests and homework.
- We have a lot of homework and too many tests every week, and I think that when you go home from school after a long day you’re not supposed to work at home.

5) What’s the most important subject you learnt in school.
- The most important subject for me is Music, because when I’m tired of school and other stuff I play the piano instead and that makes me feel better.
- Music, because it’s fun and when you play you get happy.- I think it´s Music, because it´s really fun to play, and when you are bored and feel stressed about things it helps to play and you start feeling better.