Students in grade 9 Torskolan in Torsås Sweden discuss Music

1. What images spring to mind when you hear the word `music´?
- When I hear the word music I think yes now I can relax or something. I like music a lot that’s my life.- First I think about my piano at home in my room. In school I have learned to play a lots of instruments. By now I play piano, bass, guitar and drums and for a week ago I started to play ukulele, a very fun instrument. It makes me feel good. - Melodies, and something good.

2. What does music mean to you?
- Music to me means a lot. It is important and it’s really nice to listen to.
- Music is everywhere in my life and I think it always will be like that for me. When I listen to music I work better and I don´t feel that I´m tired. The best songs I’ve heard are “ River flows in you” and “He sleeps”.- It’s important to me

3. What would life be like without music?- Life would be really boring without music. If music doesn’t exist I would kill myself.- My life would be more stressed.- Life would be horrible!

4. Which is more important to you, music or TV?
- Music is more important to me than television. I never watch TV anymore. I rather sit at the computer and listen to spotify.
- Music is much better than a TV program- Music is more important to me.

5. What kind of music do you like?- I like reggae music and techno music. And sometimes I can listen to heavy metal.- I like all kinds of music. My favorite music radiostaion is RIX FM. But most of all I like love songs.- I like techno music.

6. How have your musical tastes changed since when you were a kid?
- It has changed much, because when I was a kid I just listen to the music that my parents were listening to.
7. What music can change the way you feel?
- There isn’t any music that can change the way I feel.

8. What’s the best time and place to listen to music?
- The best place is in my room.- At night, when I’m home at the computer.

9. Where does the best music come from, the USA,UK or other?- The best music comes from Vancouver, Canada : Theory of a Deadman. 10. What decade has produced the best music?- I like new music that is producing right now.- Elvis is good, the 50´s.