Last year, many of the teachers at our school participated in a survey on student motivation. The results of this survey were discussed in a teacher forum. Based on our survey, these were suggestions of what could be done to motivate students.

Consistently involve parents - phone call, note, meetings
Require parent participation
Parenting classes
Recognition - school-wide and in the classroom
Get to know students and their community on a more personal level
Let them know you care; get involved in their lives; know what’s important to them
Praise them
Hold them accountable; have high expectations
Talk to them about their personal interests
Provide incentives and positive reinforcement
Provide examples of how high school affects their future
Positive role models
Make modifications for individual students to promote success
One-on-one tutoring
Incorporate activities that keep them interested.
Find a new way to teach a topic.
Help them realize their strengths and talents, and encourage them to develop those
Stop doing time wasting things
Have a positive attitude
Help show them the Big Picture
Make instruction relevant, engaging and worthwhile
Break work into smaller chunks so it's easier to understand
Work on a variety of modalities, especially visual and tactile, to aid comprehension
Motivate with athletics
Take in-class pictures
Post their work throughout the school
Positive phone calls home
Motivational classroom speakers
Smaller classes for closer relationships
Highly motivated, more responsible teachers
Help them get involved in school activities
Show students respect

What other ideas are there from the international community?