Students from Mooresville Intermediate School in South Carolina, USA asked:

What is the most important lesson you hope others will learn from you?

from the Multilingual Academy students (anonymously this time):

  • *I would like you to learn something that happened to me. When I came to the United States, I made some friends.but I started going to parties. One time I was drinking, and my grades went down. After that, I made a decision. Don't choose that type of friend. Make good ones.

  • *The most important lesson that I would like you to learn from me is to study very hard. Another thing is to do all your work and homework so you can do better in school. Also, be happy every day of your life so it can be wonderful. You have to be active so your body can be healthy. For example, play soccer when you have time. And the last thing is to listen to music.

  • *In life, we can't go without communicating with others, so I think there are some important things we need to do when we smile and be polite. Also, I always keep it clean in my room. I think it's an important part of how to protect ourselves.

  • *Everyone is different. Some are friendly, some are humorous, some are cheerful. I think I'm confident. I think it is very important that we need to respect each other. Get along well with friends.

  • All the people in this world like good people. That's why we need to be good people. Go to school, work, learn, and be a good person so that we can have a better world.

  • I would like for other people to learn from me to be responsible and come to school so that you can have a good career.

  • Pay attention in school so that you don't fail your classes.