We will use this page to add our responses to the the topics suggested by the students in Torskolan:

When we think of school, we think of work, classrooms, students and teachers.

Some of our first memories of school are:
  • Learning to throw a soccer ball in Peru
  • Learning how to draw in Mexico
  • Learning how to write letters in Cambodia
  • Learning the alphabet in Mexico

Some of us thought school was fun, and we liked meeting new friends.
Some of us did not think school was fun because the teacher had too many rules or we didn't want to leave our parents.

Many students don't like school because there is a lot of homework, they don't like thinking and they don't like rules.

The most important things we learn in school are math, English, writing and how to do homework.

We think that music is enjoyable and relaxing. It relieves boredom. We would rather listen to music than watch television. OUr favorite kinds of music are rap, hip-hop, rock and R&B. Most of us don't think that our taste in music has changed since we were younger. Music can make you feel happy when you are sad. The best time and place to listen to music is all day and everywhere! We think great music comes from the USA, Peru and Korea. The best music is being produced in this decade, and there is also some good music from the 80's.

More responses coming soon!!