As part of the One World Project, the Multilingual Academy students in California will be recording podcasts on a variety of topics. Our first topic will be "Our Classes" and will be posted on our One World Project website.

What are some topics that you think will be of interest to the students of the international community? Please send suggestions to us to be added to this wiki.

From Graziella Turatti, Italy

1. *The way we were* (survey to submit to grandparents in order to see how they lived, how they spent their freetime, who their heroes were, etc...)

2. *Do we care for the planet? *( a survey for students all over the world to see how much "green" we are)

(Surveys will be uploaded soon.)

from Luiza Gervescu and Marcela Niculae, Romania

1. My future in my country
Where will I live in the future? What is a country to you? Is it about citizenship, mainly, about belonging, roots, family...?

2. Short insights on your countries' history and culture
Discussions on historical landmarks that have changed the course of our countries' life and evolution or personalities that have contributed to your countries' progress from both a historical and a cultural point of view.

3. Customs and traditions
How we celebrate major holidays and important moments in a person's life like birth, baptism, death...

4. Tourist sites

5. Favourite sports

from Caroline Elnéus, Sweden

Topic - What Makes You Happy?
Think about what makes you happy and feel good. Of course it can be a lot of different things: a place you really like or something that is special to you. It might be where you play sports, where you like to go for a picnic, your favourite place in your town or something that you own that is special. Maybe it´s your family, best friend, your pet or something you like to do in your spare time.

Topic - My Most Prized Possession
What is something in your home that is very dear to you? Something that you absolutely would bring if you had to evacuate your home. Why is that object so dear to you? Is it a family heirloom? Does it remind you of a happy time? Does it have a monetary value? Is it something your family needs to survive?

Topic - Small Steps Make Big Differences
Have you thought about the fact that global warming has an effect on everybody... even you and me. If we want our children to experience all the beautiful places and animals on Earth then we have to change our way of living. Very small steps make big differences. Let us get started here and now. What are you prepared to change in your everyday life?

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