About my home and the area around it

Hello, my name is Jimmy and I am 14 years old. I live in Trankvill in a house a little bit outside of Torsås village. My school’s name is Torskolan. My house is white and it´s made of wood with two floors and a basement. It has six bedrooms, one kitchen, one TV-room, one living room and two bathrooms. There is a double garage too. On the back of my house there is the forest and in the front of my house there is a small road.

Hi, my name is Admir. I live in Sweden. The name of the village is Torsås. It´s a small area. I am 14 years old. My hobby is computer and football. I play World of Warcraft. I have two sisters, they are 22 and 24 years old and then mom and dad. My sisters live in a city called Ronneby. I live in a house near the woods. We have a pink house that’s made of wood. There are three rooms and two bathrooms. I don’t have anything special in my room, just my bed.

Hello, my name is Jerry and I’m thirteen years old soon fourteen in December the 7th. My interest is driving cross biking and I like to fix things with engines. I go to school in Torsås and I’m living in Söderåkra at Kollingevägen 1.We are twelve in my family. The colour of our house is white bricks and it’s quite big. We have a basement, two floors and many rooms: living room, kitchen, and several bedrooms. My room is big. I have a desk with a computer on it and a bed and a carpet. There are also a closet and a window. From the window you can see houses, people and the road. There are two shops in Söderåkra for example ICA supermarket where you can buy food and we also have a petrol station. That’s what my home and room look like!

Hello! My name is
Dennis and I am 14 years old. I live in Norra Stenbäck outside Gullabo and I go at Torskolan grade 8a. I live on a farm, but we don’t have any animals. There are eight rooms in my house. It has two floors and a loft. It’s made of wood. We have five bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen. We have started renovating the house and repaint it. In the garden there are apple trees, plum trees and flowers. There are also a well house and a woodshed. In the area where I live is the spruce forest.

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Hello my name is Annie. I live on a farm with my family. The farm is called Kallemåla gård. My big interests are horses and air gun shooting. The house where I live has two floors and is made of wood. My bedroom is on the top floor. In the house we have three cats and two dogs. Outside on the farm there are two horses that stay with our tam pig “Bosse” and some of our fifty cheeps in the stable. In the barn there are about fifty cows, five pigs and some wild cats. We have big grass fields around the house and lots of wood where the cows and horses live in big enclosed pastures. On the other side of the road we have big fields where we take in hay in the summer.
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Hello my name is Daniel and I’m 14 years old and I live in Söderåkra village. I have a brother, a mum and dad and a dog. My house has twelve rooms. In my bedroom there is a bed, a closet, a guitar and a door so I can get out on the roof. I live near the supermarket and the football court. To get to the football court I go through the woods and to get to the supermarket I follow the road outside my house.

Hello my name is Moa. I am 14 years old and my interest is motor cross I have a 85cc and a 65cc. We have a racing track where I live. I live with my family: my mom, my dad, my younger sister and my younger brother. We have cats and a big bog. His name is Bamse and he is a "jämthund". We live outside a village called Söderåkra in Övraby in a big red house. The house has 16 rooms and three floors and is made off wood The kitchen is the big in the house. I live in the wood. And we have 16 rooms in the house and 3 floors. We have a big garden where you can find pear trees, plum trees and a pond. My dad has built the pond and most of the house and also the woodshed that I helped him with.

Hello, my name is Felicia and I am 14 years old. I live in Sweden in a little town called Torsås on Allfargatan, the biggest street in Torsås. I have a brother, a mom and a dad. I go to school in Torsås. I like to play floorball and to be with friends. I live only a couple of minutes away from my school. In Torsås there are only two supermarkets, a bank and some other shops, a pharmacy, a square, a cinema, a restaurant, a pizzeria and a library. You can also find the church. If I want to go shopping I must go by car or bus to Kalmar.
My house is yellow and it is made of wood. It has two floors and a basement. There are a kitchen, a TV room, two toilets, a bathroom, four bedrooms and a big room where you can play games, do your home works etc. My bedroom is big and I have black and white walls. When I look out of my window I see houses around me.

My name is Eric. I live in Skubbebo, 5 km from Bergkvara. I live on a farm that is very old. We have 300 cows, three horses and five cats. I have a big house and a garden. The house has two floors, a basement and a loft. There are three bedrooms, one kitchen and a living room. My bedroom is on second floor. The house is situated on a big field.

Hello my name is Rebecca and I am fourteen year old. I'm brunette, 1.61 inches long. I live in Sweden, in a village called Bergkvara. It is a very quiet and boring place so I would like to move. I have a family: a sister named Frida, a mom and dad. I go to school in Torsås. It is a very small school. My home, I'll tell you about it now, is big and white with blue lump. There is a kitchen, a living room, a hall, three bedrooms, three bathrooms and three other small rooms where we have an extra sofa, A TV and a other stuff. Then we have a large basement and a loft. My room is small and has only has a big shelf, a small table, a wardrobe and a bed. But we will soon renovate my room. I would like to paint it black and white and purple. I hope it will be nice! I have a cat named Pete. He is bold and beautiful. In my spare time I like to be with my wonderful friends, and to dance, much home works as well. Shopping is one of my favourite things to do, and I like to travel a lot to the sun and the warmth. This was a bit of my life and how I live

My name is Hampus and I am 14 years old. I live in Påboda. My house is big, white and green and made of wood and it’s on a farm but we don’t have any animals. We have twelve rooms in my house. We have five bedrooms, two living room,s one toilet, two halls, one kitchen and one dinner room. We have two floors and a basement. My room is not so big. You can find a bed, desk, television, closet and so on. It has two windows. From my window I can see the forest and houses. I have three sisters and one brother. My sisters are 8, 13, and 18 years old and my brother are 16 years old. And then I have my mom and dad. Bye!

Hey! My name is Henrik. I come from Kvilla, Sweden. I’m 14 years old and live with my mother and father. I’ve two brothers too, but they have moved. I love my house and my family. I live in an area with not so many houses. It’s a beautiful area with nice neighbours. My house is orange brick. We have two floors, I live on the second floor all by myself. My room is grey with black flags of Nirvana and a Swedish flag. We have a little field beside the house where I drive a car and moped. In our house we have six rooms downstairs and four rooms upstairs. In our garden we have two apple trees. Our street is a little gravel street beside the road. There are nine houses totally. We have three good neighbours, and some bad. It’s close to everything, to the forest, to the village and I’ve 2 km to the school and 4 miles to next city.

Hey, my name is Patrik and is 14 years old. I love sports. I play soccer and floorball. I live in a big white house with a big garden in the small village Bergkvara. Around the garden we have a brown fence. Here in Bergkvara we have a store called Tempo, Åsas café, a pizzeria and a camping. In my house we have 16 rooms. All my seven siblings have one room each but not my youngest sister. We have two floors, a basement and a loft. In my room I have a white and dark green wallpaper. I have not a big room, but I have all I need: a bed, an x-box 360 and a TV for that. I play cod 4 very much. Then I have a TV for watching and a computer of course. If you want a match add: putrik.

Hello! My name is Jesper. I live in Bergkvara in a house and I go in Torskolan in Torsås. My house has four bedrooms, two bathrooms and one TV-room. It has two floors and a basement. In my room I have a computer, a TV, a bed and other stuff’. In Bergkvara we have a soccer team called B.A.I.F, a pizzeria, a restaurant, a store called Tempo, and a school called Bergkvara skola. It´s close to the sea so we also have a harbour

Hi! My name is Isabella and I'm fourteen years old. My nickname is Bella, and I live inSöderåkra that is a small village. I have two sisters but they have boyfriends so I do not live with them. I live with my mother and her husband in a big white n 'gray house. My bedroom is the biggest bedroom in the whole house. I have the top floor with a balcony. Everything in my room is black n 'white and I have many prints of my idols on the wall. For example: Marilyn Manson, Ramones and In Flames. I like music very much so I think that all my walls will soon be full of posters of my idols. The music I like is the most rock / hardcore, but sometimes I can even listen to RnB & Hip Hop. We also have one cat whose name is Selma. Where I live there is pretty much forest, and we have a very big garden with lots of trees and our greenhouses we grow vegetables and berries and fruit. In summer we have lots of strawberry's & plums in our garden, and I think that's great. I go to school in another village called Torsås, so I take the school bus every morning but it only takes about 7 minutes to my school from my house.

My Neighbourhood

Hi! We are 14-year-old Polish students. We live in Jastrzębie-Zdrój. It’s an industrial town in the south of Poland. Our school is located southwest of the town center and east of the coalmine. The traffic isn’t very heavy here and our neighbourhood is lovely. There are a lot of blocks of flats among high trees. In fact, our houses are in the woods. There is a fire station opposite our school. There are a few shops and a sport centre, a hotel and a hospital. There isn’t a cinema or a café.

My neighbourhood is a quiet and peaceful place. From my window I can see a beautiful pond in the forest. There are a lot of birds in it. When I wake up I can hear their songs. There aren’t many shops here. Agnieszka G.

I live in the peaceful neighbourhood. It’s a nice place with a lot of different buildings. I live in a house opposite the kindergarten. There is a church behind my house and the park nearby. There is a newsagent’s and a supermarket. There is a florist’s and a post office. Everyone here is friendly. Sandra M.

From the Multilingual Academy in Southern California

I joined the high school exchange program August this year in America. My host family is a computer teacher. She is funny and outgoing. On the weekend we like to go shopping and watch movies. We enjoy it. I hope I can have a special experience in America. At present, I am a student at La Puente High School. I like La Puente. Everyone is friendly. About Los Angeles County: I know Los Angeles County is made up of 88 cities. There are many famous places such a Disneyland and Hollywood. I love it! ~Jiajing

My home is very beautiful and comfortable. I have my own room. At total the house has three bedrooms. I live in La Puente, and I like La Puente High School because it's fun. The San Gabriel Valley is beautiful and the houses are very comfortable. Los Angeles County is also a beautiful place in Southern California with schools, houses, yard and pools. ~Brian

My house has a big yard. La Puente has a lot of good neighbors. The San Gabriel Valley gets good weather and sometimes it's sunny. Los Angeles County has a lot of buildings that are big. I like the beaches and malls in Southern California. ~Marlen

My home is a medium-sized, comfortable and warm house. There are four bedrooms and two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a garage, a backyard, and the "Sports Sanctuary" that is just another living room with giant screen and a pool table. La Puente is a small city. It's very nice and kind. There are many parks and lots of schools. Everywhere are green areas. The people are kind and fun. In the San Gabriel Valley the town are very close to each other. There are many things to do like go to the mall or to the movies. L.A. County is huge. There are lots of interesting things everywhere you look. Southern California is the best place to live. You have the best things on earth like theme parks, beaches, big cities, etc. ~Bladimiro

In my home, they like to make grilled meat, they like to watch TV, they like to cook, and they like to work. I like to learn mechanics, they like to invent things. In La Puente, people like to have barbecues on the weekends and play sports. ~Gustavo

La Puente High School has a lot of different activities. La Puente High School is a big school in this area, and it is very organized inside. It doesn't have too much trash on the ground. The students pick up all the trash. This high school is like home. ~ Brenda

I go to La Puente High School. This school is fun! In my house we like carne asada tacos and pizza. We love soccer and watching TV shows. In my school we like to dance, talk and sing. We like to go to parties and love music. We love to make and have friends. ~Marilyn

I like my home. It is little but beautiful. I like the city of La Puente because it's big and has many places to go. I have friends, my father, my brother and my sisters here with me. Los Angeles is a good place to visit with big buildings. ~Erick

Los Angeles County is a beautiful county because you can find everything like peace and other things that are more important. People like to work in warehouses, markets, etc. La Puente has wonderful parks where you and relax or play different kinds of sports. Then you can go to different types of restaurants to eat very delicious food. ~Jose

In my Chinese house, I live with so many people - my dad, mom, little brother, grandmother and housemaid. I love my family. My country's best quality is food. In China my hometown food is best. Many people like it. And there are so many pretty girls. But last year, China had an earthquake. We lost too many people. There were so many people in the world that helped us. Thank you so much to everyone! ~Fiona

My home is in a little mountain area. There is peace and quiet. Near my home, there is a park where many people stroll at night and children play in the afternoon. My city - Taipei - has many tall buildings, and it's very convenient to go anywhere in Taipei. Taiwan is a very beautiful country. It had a nickname "Formosa". It means "very beautiful", but now the government in Taiwan is not good because they had a lot of problems with China. I hope they will be fine soon. ~Henry